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Saron Congregational Church,   Park Row,   Tredegar,   NP22 3NG

We are Congregational

There are so many different types of Chuches thesedays, it’s hard to know what’s the difference and which one is right for me.  Saron Church is a Congregational Church.  This means that everybody has a place.  Everyone matters in a Congregational Church, everyone’s opinion matters and everyone is encouraged to use their gifts and abilities to be a part if the Church.

Statement of Faith

Jesus said, "Where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them."                   Matthew 18:20

CONGREGATIONALISTS belong to their local Church and each Church to the Congregational Federation, by belief in the living God revealed in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.

WE TRUST in the promise of our Lord Jesus Christ to be with His people who meet in His name.

WE AFFIRM the scriptural right of every Church to maintain independence in the ordering of its affairs according to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

WE RECOGNISE the oneness of all Christians within the world-wide Church and respect the natural diversity of ways to God.

WE SEEK the unity for which Christ prayed by the means He wills.

WE WORSHIP, work and serve with all who love our Lord Jesus Christ, to realise His kingdom in the world, and to help people everywhere to know the joy of His companionship.

Our Coffee Morning

Our Friendship Centre

Who we are...

The birth of Saron (or the independents of Tredegar) began in a house until Samuel Homfrey was approached regarding some land for building. This he granted as long as part of the ground was a cemetery. The original Chapel (now the schoolroom) was opened in 1819. With increasing numbers the current Church was built and opened in 1859.  Sadly as a result of declining numbers the Church (by now using the schoolroom only) temporarily suspended services in 2008 to consider the future. The Reverend Mike Shepherd was approached to see if he could reverse both the numbers attending and to re-open the actual Church.  This he did in 2009. The result is what we have today: a vibrant Church with increasing numbers, a friendship centre in the schoolroom on Tuesdays, and a parent & toddlers group on Fridays.

 Now the Church is looking almost as it did when opened in 1859 following extensive renovation and this is  still a work in progress.  With the help of many individuals, the local Council and other charitable

 institutions plus a lot of prayer the work will be completed.

The original chapel, now the schoolroom, was built is 1819 and then rebuilt in 1828. In the current schoolroom still stands the grade 2 listed pulpit (pictured above). The Church was built in 1858 and is grade 2 listed. During 2011/2012 much work has been carried out to restore the Church. A new roof, dry rot eradicated and a new floor put down. The hope is to continue with this work and completely re-render the outside of the Church.

A History of Saron

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